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River Rafting

With its vast amazing, shoreline, snow capped mountains and unparallel bea...


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Albania is notably recognized for its rich biological and landscape dive...



With beautiful lakes like Lake Mati and the Osumi River, Albania offers a...

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River Rafting

River Rafting

With its vast amazing, shoreline, snow capped mountains and unparallel beauty, Albania is one of the most interesting destinations for a getaway. In fact, for backpackers and adventure freaks, Albania is nothing less than a paradise. Albania offers a variety of adventurous activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, but a trip to Albania cannot be complete without river rafting. Visitors, especially, backpackers love trying and experiencing these adventures; in fact they usually have travel insurance for backpackers with them, so they can take up various adventures without any worries or tension.


The enthralling city of Sarande

The striking and stunningly beautiful city of Sarande is truly a treat to the tourists in terms of its unique atmosphere and splendor. The panoramic view of the sea, the gentle and quite climate and the lushness of the rich flora make it a sought after tourist destination. One gets completely absorbed by the beauty of the place. For the fun- loving, adventure people, there are many adventure activities. One is surely to enjoy a quality vacation, when in Sarande.

Southern Adriotic Coast

Southern Adriatic Coast

Albania is one of the very few unexplored countries in Europe. With tourism gaining a foothold only in recent times, the Southern Adriatic Coast offers some beautiful azure virgin beaches, ancient towns,lagoons, national parks and plethora of other attractions.

Vermosh Snow

Vermosh – the artistry of the divine hands

Albanian highlands, popularly known as the Albanian Alps are the place where some of the beautiful traditional villages are snuggled where untouched and unmatched scenery of the nature is on display. And one such village is Vermosh in the city of Shkodra. Stunning landscapes and grand vistas of the dramatic Alps make this village a true paradise on the earth. Hiking the amazing mountains or skiing the snowy peaks, there is a lot more for the adventure loving people here.

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