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Ionian Coast

Ionian Coast

The Ionian Coast of Albania is a rocky coast spread with striking landscapes and small rough beaches. Along with the beautiful beaches and quaint beach towns, the Ionian Coast also offers castles, national parks and ancient villages. There are also many adventure sports available in the region.

The Qeparo beach, south to Palermo Bay, is popular for its shallow sea and fine sand. The village of Qeparo is a beautiful place with olive groves. The small bay has a stone bank, an ancient peir and a Frengu (Frenchman) cave. The Qeparo valley offers stunning view of the sea, the village and the Karos castle. Tourists can also visit the beautiful St. Mitri Church built in the 18th century and the St. Mitri Monastery built in 1881.


Only 2-km from Qeparo lies the village Borsh. The village offers the longest beach in the region and also the 4th century Borsh castle, which is worth visiting. In Lukova commune, a drive through orange grooves from Bunes; the roads lead to some isolated beaches and caves, a must visit for the adventure travelers. Another amazing beach is the pebbled white sand Kakome beach. The Kakome Bay is also very scenic, from where you can also go to two superb Krorez beaches.

Apart from the Borsch castle, another castle ought to be visited is the Lëkurës castle. Built in 16th century by Sultan Suleyman, the castle overlooks the city of Saranda. Among the ruins lie a restaurant built in the style of the castle where visitors can enjoy nice food.

The Himara region of the Ionian Coast has got everything, from breathtaking beaches and mountains to ancient caves and ruins. The Spille cave in the eastern side of the city was inhabited since 4th century, and should be visited to experience the timeless beauty. Roman graves, baths and some medieval settlements can also be found in the city.  The village of Dhermi is another place which has a history attached to it. This 7th century village is one of the oldest settlements of Albania. Along with some charming beaches, there are about 30 old churches built on the village’s mountainside.

For the eco-tourists, the Llogora National Park is a must-visit destination. The park which begins at 470 m and climbs on to 2018 m has a very rich assortment of flora and fauna. The Flag Pine trees known as “Pisha Flamur” locally, can be found in this park along with more than 100 various kinds of birds and animals. Hiking and picnics can be undertaken is this beautiful natural habitat.

The Ionian Coast of Albania is distinguished for its small hidden bays, steep cliffs, caves and white beaches. The places have to be visited and explored to uncover the hidden beauties.

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