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Shkodra City

The ecstatic dazzling beaches on one side and the mighty Alps on the other side make Shkodra a famous and important tourist destination of Albania. The Adriatic coast, Drini and Buni River and the Shkodra Lake and the scenic milieu of the Alps offer an exquisite look to the city. The narrow stone walled streets and the tall gates give a colonial look to the city. It is a cultural, historic and economic hub.


The enthralling city of Sarande


The striking and stunningly beautiful city of Sarande is truly a treat to the tourists in terms of its unique atmosphere and splendor. The panoramic view of the sea, the gentle and quite climate and the lushness of the rich flora make it a sought after tourist destination. One gets completely absorbed by the beauty of the place. For the fun- loving, adventure people, there are many adventure activities. One is surely to enjoy a quality vacation, when in Sarande.


Tirana - The Heart of Albania

Tirana Mother Teresa Eye Hospital

To add charm, charisma and vigor to your holiday in Albania, visit Tirana which is the capital city of Albania. From sightseeing to exotic wildlife, shopping, exciting nightlife and restaurants that offer some of the lip smacking culinary delights, the capital city has all the elements making it the most vibrant and full of life destination. Its location near the Durres beach and the Dajti Mountains add to the splendor of this place. Even though a small city, there are many tourist attractions here driving people from all over the world.

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