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The ecstatic dazzling beaches on one side and the mighty Alps on the other side make Shkodra a famous and important tourist destination of Albania. The Adriatic coast, Drini and Buni River and the Shkodra Lake and the scenic milieu of the Alps offer an exquisite look to the city. The narrow stone walled streets and the tall gates give a colonial look to the city. It is a cultural, historic and economic hub.

Located in the northern Albania, Shkodra can be reached by air, roadways, by sea and trains. There are frequent flights and buses from Tirana taking not more than 2 hours by flight. The railway facility is also available from the capital city. Montenegro and Durres are other places from where Shkodra can be reached. Shkodra experiences a mild Mediterranean climate with a shade of continental climate to it.

The city of Shkodra is famous for its cultural heritage. The famous cultural attractions here include the Lead Mosque, the Rozafa castle, the history of this castle dating back to the times of Illyrians. The medieval town of Sarda is another place worth visiting. The quarters of Serresh and Gjuhadol form the significant part of cultural attraction. Shkodra Lake, Razma Mountain Resort, Theth National Park and the Vermosh mountains are the scenic splendors of Shkodra.

The nature has blessed this beautiful region with the impressive and mighty Alps that receive abundant snowfall making it possible for skiing. Trekking and spelunking are other activities that can be enjoyed on the dramatic Alps. The city also has an exciting nightlife.  One can enjoy excursions from the city of Shkodra to places like Sarda by motorboat sailing from the Vau i Dejes dam.

The various attractions and sightseeing places has carved out Shkodra to be a distinct place on the map of Albania. A vacation to Shkodra is a treat to the visitors.

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