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Tirana - The Heart of Albania

Tirana Mother Teresa Eye Hospital

To add charm, charisma and vigor to your holiday in Albania, visit Tirana which is the capital city of Albania. From sightseeing to exotic wildlife, shopping, exciting nightlife and restaurants that offer some of the lip smacking culinary delights, the capital city has all the elements making it the most vibrant and full of life destination. Its location near the Durres beach and the Dajti Mountains add to the splendor of this place. Even though a small city, there are many tourist attractions here driving people from all over the world.

Being the capital city, Tirana is well connected to the rest of the world through the Mother Teresa International Airport. From here one can get access to other major cities of Albania. There are numerous flights entering and leaving Albania from this airport. Various busservices in Tirana make the trip more comfortable and pleasurable for the tourists. July to August is the best period to visit since in the drier months tourists can enjoy more.

There are many architectural jewels dotting this city. Clock Tower at the heart of the city is one of the major attractions. Et’hem Bay Mosque and Martyr’s Cemetery are the beautiful examples of architecture. The exotic ancient artifacts in the National History Museum and Piramida are worth visiting cultural monuments. Durres beach on the west that is just 32 kilometers away and Dajti Mountains on the city that are 26 kilometers to the east from the city are the natural attractions, perfect for hangout.

Sky tower is the tallest building in the city with a restaurant on the top floor. Enver Hoxha’s villa is another good restaurant famous for cuisine. The nightlife in the city is just awesome where one can hang out in any of the clubs or bars. Shopping can be enjoyed at the traditional bazaar of the city and also at the shopping malls.

Tirana is a crowd puller attracting visitors from all over the world due to the diversity this amazing city offers.

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