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Butrint Theatre

Butrint was an ancient Greek town and is now one of the most significant archaeological sites of Albania. It is protected under the UNESCO as a World Heritage site and is one of the major tourist attractions of Albania. Butrint was established on the Ksamil Peninsula, and is 15 km South of Sarande, near the Greek border. The archaeological site is a part of the Butrint National Park.




On the background of snow-capped mountains, resting on the slopes of Drino Valley, flanked by a huge castle, lies the magnificent city of Gjirokaster, the ‘City of thousand steps’. The city consists of hundreds of Ottoman-style tower houses having characteristic wooden balconies, whitewashed stone walls and stone roofs. Gjirokaster is an ancient city, supposedly being inhabited since the 1st century B.C. and through years has been ruled by many empires.

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