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Achaeological Sites

Albania is in geographical proximity with Greece, Italy and many other centers of world civilization and has many important sites from the archeological point of view. Various archeological discoveries in Albania have been made that brought some of the beautiful places on the map of the world. There are numerous archeological sites in several parts of the country that are famous tourist attractions.

Some of the eminent archeological sites in Albania are:

  • Butrint – The city is visited mostly as an archeological center. The excavations reveal that Butrint has some important centers belonging to the Kaonian Illyrians. The discovery of this area uncovers the fact that it was inhabited since Paleolithic age. One can visit several excavations dating back to the 1st and 4th centuries AD. The most illustrious archeological sites are the Temple of Asklepios, the Old Amphitheater, Nymphaeum and the Baptistery.
  • Apollonia – In the Roman times, Apollonia was a large and prosperous city near the Vjosa River. Corcyra and Corinth from the Greece have played a major role in the civilization of this place. Apollonian played as a negotiating centre in the trades between Hellenians and Illyrians. The famous archeological sites of this place are the Terraced Wall, the Museum of Apollonia, the Encircling Wall and the monument of Agonothetes.
  • Amantia – The place finds its mention in the era of 4th century BC. The town minted its own coins indicating the economic strength of the place. The Aphrodite Temple, Stadium and the Theatre are the places whose traces are still found.
  • Bylis – The city was the core place for the Albanian tribes and the largest among the Illyrian cities. The development of the city dates back to 4th century BC. The six basilicas here are famous that have the mosaic floor with early Christian motifs.

The other places that bear archeological importance are as follows:

  • Durres
  • Selca e Poshtme
  • Lisi
  • Antigonia

These places reveal the various civilizations that inhabited the different places in Albania. Visiting these archeological sites in Albania is a great experience in itself showcasing the development of the country.

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