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Folklore Festival

The moment you step on the Albanian soil, you will smell the rich culture and the vivid heritage of this beautiful country. The festivals in Albania are celebrated with splendid zeal and zest showcasing the vintage heritage of amazing Albania, influenced by the Turks, Romans, Italians and Greeks. The best way to keep the traditions alive is to celebrate them in the form of festivals.

The most prominent festivals in Albania are:

  • National Festival of Folklore – This marks to be the most important festival in Albania that is orchestrated in every four years in the Gjirokastra Castle. Celebrated on a wider level, all Albanian folklore groups join in along with the Albanian groups from other countries that include Macedonia, Greece, Kosova, Turkey, United States and many other countries.
  • National Festival of Iso-Polyphony, Vlora– Iso-Polyphony is considered to be one of the most original strands in the Albanian folk music. Thus, in order to promote and develop this singing type in various regions, this festival is celebrated. UNESCO has acknowledged the Albanian Iso-Polyphony as the ‘Masterpiece of the Oral Inheritance of Human kind’.
  • National Festival of Rhapsodists and Folk Instrument Players, Lezha – The event is celebrated to honor the rhapsodists and bards compose and interpret their songs with the help of instruments like lahuta, sharki and cifteli.
  • National Festival of Urban Folk Songs, Elbasan – This festival is organized every first day of the spring i.e. in March in Elbasan. The traditional folk songs revised using modern orchestration methods are presented here by various groups who compete here. The event is a mark of liveliness and dynamism created by the vibrant music. It also serves as a platform for the young talented artists to showcase their talent.

Some other vibrant festivals celebrated in Albania are –

  • International Festival ‘Multicultural Permet’, Permet
  • Folklore Festival ‘Sofra Dardane’, Tropoja
  • Festival ‘Oda Dibrane’, Peshkopi

So experience the lively, gusto festivals of the culturally rich Albania.

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