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The rich Architectural Heritage


The land of Albania is the one with numerous monuments of both kinds, political and religious. Some of the greatest artisans, architects and sculptors have put before some of the world’s greatest monuments on the map of Albania. Many of the monuments signify and portray the Albanian struggle to achieve independence. You will notice these brilliant pieces of architecture in the country while you are wandering through the streets or while hiking a mountain or on a beach.


The Vivid and Vibrant Festivals

Folklore Festival

The moment you step on the Albanian soil, you will smell the rich culture and the vivid heritage of this beautiful country. The festivals in Albania are celebrated with splendid zeal and zest showcasing the vintage heritage of amazing Albania, influenced by the Turks, Romans, Italians and Greeks. The best way to keep the traditions alive is to celebrate them in the form of festivals.


In sync with Music and Dance

Music & Dance

Albania has a diversified culture and great artistic values. Regardless of the foreign influence in its culture, it retains a significant level of homogeneity. Albanian folklore is rich with colorful dances setting on a pulsating rhythm and vibrant music. It is a musical, dramatic, literary and choreographic folklore. It is vivacious, full of energy and flamboyant.


Highlighting the Religious Monuments

Religious Monuments

The monuments and architectures of Albania are a mirror of the rich cultural and religious diversities of the country. Albania boasts of several religious monuments that are many centuries old and worth paying a visit. The religious monuments here are suggestive of the religions that are followed in the country, mainly Christianity and Muslim. They are reflective of various civilizations that ruled over the place and made Albania their home.


A showcase on Archeological sites

Achaeological Sites

Albania is in geographical proximity with Greece, Italy and many other centers of world civilization and has many important sites from the archeological point of view. Various archeological discoveries in Albania have been made that brought some of the beautiful places on the map of the world. There are numerous archeological sites in several parts of the country that are famous tourist attractions.


Museums displaying the national pride

Tirana Museum Image

With a rich historic and cultural heritage, there are many things worth a treasure in the Republic of Albania. The museums in various parts of the country are home to some of the most striking art works in the field of archeology, military and history of the country. This plethora of museums is a display of the national pride and the finest artwork of the artisans and craftsmen.

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