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The land of Albania is the one with numerous monuments of both kinds, political and religious. Some of the greatest artisans, architects and sculptors have put before some of the world’s greatest monuments on the map of Albania. Many of the monuments signify and portray the Albanian struggle to achieve independence. You will notice these brilliant pieces of architecture in the country while you are wandering through the streets or while hiking a mountain or on a beach.

Some of the famous Albanian monuments are highlighted here:

  • Skanderberg Monument, Tirana – The monument built in the memory of George Kastrioti Skanderberg, who is also famous as the "Dragon of Albania”, stands 11 meters high. This monument represents the Albanian integrity and individuality as George Kastrioti Skanderberg fought against the Ottoman invasion and protected the country from its rule during his reign. It is made up of bronze metal attributing Skanderbag over a horse on a stone foundation. It was erected commemorating the 500th death anniversary of Skanderbag. It is also known as a magnum opus of the Albanian sculptor.
  • Monument of Independence – The famous Monument of Independence is positioned in the town centre of Vlora. It is a masterpiece made by Albanian sculptors like Shaban Hadei, Muntaz Dhrami and Kristaq Rama. The statue marks several well-known figures who fought for the independence along with a bearer standing on a rock. The centre of statue features Ismail Quemali, the founder of modern Albania.
  • Kuzum Baba Monument – This monument of religious importance is located in the eastern region of the city of Vlora. It is a natural terrace carved out by the passing sea waves. It is 30 meters from the sea level and 300 meters long. It is a religious centre for the Bekatashi sect and on top of the hill is the Kuz Baba Mosque.

These are the famous monuments of religious and political importance that highlight the glory of the Republic of Albania.

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