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With a rich historic and cultural heritage, there are many things worth a treasure in the Republic of Albania. The museums in various parts of the country are home to some of the most striking art works in the field of archeology, military and history of the country. This plethora of museums is a display of the national pride and the finest artwork of the artisans and craftsmen.

Mentioned below are some of the most important museums of Albania:

  • National History Museum - National History Museum in the capital city of Tirana is the largest museum in the country. Inaugurated on 28th October 1981, it is a home for 4750 unique objects. It has various pavilions, from antiquity, iconography, culture of Albania, medieval, Albanian resistance World War II and the communist genocide. The museum has some objects dating to early and middle age. There are many objects preserved in the museum that belonged to some famous Albanians.
  • National Museum "George Kastriot Skenderbeu" – Inaugurated on November 1 1982, this famous museum finds itself placed in the fortress of Kruja. There are numerous objects, authentic reproductions, original documents and various bibliographies depicting the history of Albania from the 15th century. Various pavilions of the museums are antiquity and early middle age, Albanian princefom pavilion, Ottoman invasion pavilion, medieval fortress and Albanian resistance.
  • National Ethnographic Museum – Located in the Kruje district, this museum was inaugurated on 20 November 1989. It’s a classy cultural monument with 15 to 16 rooms exhibiting the objects that give a complete view of the craft of Kruje. Almost 90% items in this museum are original. The objects of wood, silk, cotton, ceramics, stone and various embroideries are displayed here with finesse.
  • National Museum of Medieval Arts – Located in the city of Korca, it is one of the most important and remarkable museum of Albania. It has over 7000 art and cult items mainly of wooden, metal, stone and textile works of various artists from Albania.

There are various other famous museums which are listed below:

  • National Education Museum
  • National Museum “Onufri”
  • Independence Museum
  • National Arts Gallery
  • National Photo Gallery “Marubi”

The museums of Albania are a great display of the works of various artisans and crafts men and are like pearls scattered in Albania.

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