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Highlighting the Religious Monuments

Religious Monuments

The monuments and architectures of Albania are a mirror of the rich cultural and religious diversities of the country. Albania boasts of several religious monuments that are many centuries old and worth paying a visit. The religious monuments here are suggestive of the religions that are followed in the country, mainly Christianity and Muslim. They are reflective of various civilizations that ruled over the place and made Albania their home.

The very important and eminent monuments of the Republic of Albania are cited below:

  • Pojan Monastery – Situated near the ancient town, Apollonia, it is an ancient monastery considered to be restored by Andronicus Palaeologus, a Byzantine Emperor. It houses St. Mary’s Chapel. On 15th August every year, a regional fair is held dedicating to St. Mary. The interiors of the chapel are fabricated in Byzantine style. The chapel highlights the four icons of iconostasis.
  • Muradie Mosque – The famous mosque is built in the Sultanate style, dome being the typical feature. This legendary architecture consists of a prayer hall and a minaret that is built up with carved stones. The mosque is illustrious for the harmonious allocation of its windows. The mosque was engineered by an Albanian architect from the Ottoman Empire.
  • Kuzum Baba – Located in the city of Vlora, this is a natural terrace, about 200 to 300 meters long that is carved out by the sea waters. At the hike of the hill is the religious place of the Bektashi sect, Kuz Baba Tekke.
  • Ceta Church – Also known as the Shene Premte Church that connotes Good Friday church. The church built in the 13th century has a Roman Gothic style of design. It has a wonderful arrangement of layered frescoes and iconostasis.

The other notable monuments of religious importance include:

  • Ethem Bay’s Mosque
  • Lead Mosque
  • Hamam of XVI Century, Elbasan
  • Rubiku Church
  • Kapllan Pasha’s Turbe (tomb)

These monuments reflect the culturally rich heritage of Albania and are truly great places to visit.

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