Albanian Tourism


The beautiful Lake Prespa

Lake Presa

Snuggled between three nations, Albania, Greece and Macedonia, Prespa Lake is a place with unsurpassed, striking and picturesque natural beauty. The breathtaking splendor of this place draws tourists from all over the world and is responsible for creating a boom in the tourism industry of Albania. Its exquisite views make one forget about worries of all kinds. So, Prespa Lake should be a highlight in the visitors’ itinerary while planning a vacation to Albania.



Butrint Theatre

Butrint was an ancient Greek town and is now one of the most significant archaeological sites of Albania. It is protected under the UNESCO as a World Heritage site and is one of the major tourist attractions of Albania. Butrint was established on the Ksamil Peninsula, and is 15 km South of Sarande, near the Greek border. The archaeological site is a part of the Butrint National Park.


The Charming Vithkuq village

Vithkuq village in Koorca

The village of Vithkuq is a beautiful mountain village near the beautiful city of Korca. The mountainous geography adds to the beauty of the village. Some very exquisite scenery and landscapes are found here making it a tourist paradise. Vithkuq is the birthplace of the Albanian Renaissance pioneer Naum Veqilharxhi. It’s a cultural and economic hub since the medieval time.


Explore Shkodra

Shkodra City

The ecstatic dazzling beaches on one side and the mighty Alps on the other side make Shkodra a famous and important tourist destination of Albania. The Adriatic coast, Drini and Buni River and the Shkodra Lake and the scenic milieu of the Alps offer an exquisite look to the city. The narrow stone walled streets and the tall gates give a colonial look to the city. It is a cultural, historic and economic hub.



Durres City

Durres, or Dyrrhachium as it was called in ancient times, is the oldest and the second largest city of Albania. It is one of the biggest attractions of Albanian tourism, attracting thousands of tourists from all over Albania, as well as from abroad. Situated on the central Albanian coast, Durres is also the biggest port of the country and economically most viable. Being an ancient city, Durres offers a lot of ancient sights for the tourists along with the crowd pulling beaches.

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