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The beautiful Lake Prespa

Lake Presa

Snuggled between three nations, Albania, Greece and Macedonia, Prespa Lake is a place with unsurpassed, striking and picturesque natural beauty. The breathtaking splendor of this place draws tourists from all over the world and is responsible for creating a boom in the tourism industry of Albania. Its exquisite views make one forget about worries of all kinds. So, Prespa Lake should be a highlight in the visitors’ itinerary while planning a vacation to Albania.


The scenic Pogradeci

Pogradeci Image

Pogradeci is a recently developed, yet a place of ancient history. It’s a lovely place that is blessed by nature with an unmatched beauty. Nestled between mountain ranges from all sides, it is sited along with the deepest Balkan lake, Lake Ohrid. The panoramic view along the lake side, the mighty mountains, harmony of the nature makes this place a pearl of the Albanian beauty.


Korca – the city of cultural values and carnivals

Korca Museum

The Korca city, known as the backbone of the Albanian culture and the host for very popular carnivals all over Albania, is located in the southern parts of Albania. It is the biggest city in the southern region. The distinguished culture leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds of the visitors which find its way back to the ancient times, since the place is continually inhabited leading to cultural advancements from one period to the next. It represents to be the most pristine, enjoyable and hospitable city of Albania.

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