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Korca – the city of cultural values and carnivals

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The Korca city, known as the backbone of the Albanian culture and the host for very popular carnivals all over Albania, is located in the southern parts of Albania. It is the biggest city in the southern region. The distinguished culture leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds of the visitors which find its way back to the ancient times, since the place is continually inhabited leading to cultural advancements from one period to the next. It represents to be the most pristine, enjoyable and hospitable city of Albania.

Korca is the sixth largest city in Albania standing on a plateau bounded by Morova Mountains. The city is approximately 180 km, 200 km and 70 km from Tirana, Durres and Ohrid respectively. So it is possible to reach Korca by catching a bus or hiring taxi from any of these major cities. The major natural tourist attractions in Korca like Voskopoja, Dardha and Vithquki are in the perimeter of 25 kilometers from the city. The city experiences mediterranean climate and has temperature higher than western part of Albania.

The Korca city is of great historic, economic and agricultural value to Albania. The city has beautiful and magnificent ‘Cathedral’, a famous landmark in the city. The cobble stoned alleys of Shen Gjergj and Republika boulevards are very famous. The cultural attractions in the city include the National Museum of Education, Museum of Medieval Art, Meadow of Tears, Oriental Art Museum and many others.

The city of Korca is famous mainly for its cultural heritage. Korca Serenades are the popular songs of this place representing the cultural values. They are sung together with guitar. Carnival is a major event celebrated here before the Easter that drives tourists from all over the world. It is the most colorful, vibrant and vivacious event of its kind. It makes Korca one of the major sought after places in Albania.

The cultural heritage, beautiful historic monuments and the natural beauty are all the ingredients making Korca a major tourist destination in Albania.

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