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The beautiful Lake Prespa

Lake Presa

Snuggled between three nations, Albania, Greece and Macedonia, Prespa Lake is a place with unsurpassed, striking and picturesque natural beauty. The breathtaking splendor of this place draws tourists from all over the world and is responsible for creating a boom in the tourism industry of Albania. Its exquisite views make one forget about worries of all kinds. So, Prespa Lake should be a highlight in the visitors’ itinerary while planning a vacation to Albania.

Thessaloniki is the closest airport from Prespa. It takes 3 hours from here to reach Prespa. The nearest city from Prespa is Florina which is at a distance of one hour drive. The train services are available from Thessaloniki to Florina from where one can opt to arrive at Prespa by buses or rental cars. Prespa Lake region is basically a transnational natural park that features the two main lakes along with the surrounding area. Lake Prespa represents two lakes, Greater Prespa Lake and Small Prespa Lake, both being freshwater lakes. They are among the most ancient lakes in the world. Albania has a share of 11,243 acres and 964 acres of Greater Prespa Lake and Small Prespa Lake respectively.

Prespa is recognized for its rich biodiversity. It is home to 23 species of fishes, many among them are specific to this area, and approximately 46 mammalian species. The most eminent feature of this basin is the water birds like Dalmatian and white pelicans and the pygmy cormorants. It is host to more than 1500 variety of plants. This high degree of biodiversity makes this place significant and special by any criteria.

Greater Prespa Lake shares boundary with the Galicica National Park which has the famous Golum Grad Island that is a natural reserve which is accessible from few villages by boats. In addition to the natural beauty of this place, there are some ancient, beautiful churches, hermitages and monasteries worth visiting. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, horse riding, hiking trails and bird watching here at Lake Prespa.

The blueness of the lake, rich flora and fauna and the ancient churches and monasteries make Prespa, a place where nature, history and art come together. It leaves the visitors enthralled and fascinated.

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