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Pogradeci is a recently developed, yet a place of ancient history. It’s a lovely place that is blessed by nature with an unmatched beauty. Nestled between mountain ranges from all sides, it is sited along with the deepest Balkan lake, Lake Ohrid. The panoramic view along the lake side, the mighty mountains, harmony of the nature makes this place a pearl of the Albanian beauty.

Pogradeci is situated on the south eastern region of Albania along Lake Ohrid. It shares the national boundary with Macedonia. One can reach here from Tirana by mini bus or a train that stops a few miles before Pogradeci which can be accessed by buses or cars from there. Pogradeci is scenic and pleasant in all seasons. It enjoys a local continental type of climate due to creation of microclime influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The excellent climate and the unique feature of the deepest lake along side, Lake Ohrid gives a superb opportunity to the visitors for sun bathing, fishing, water sports and swimming as well.

Pogradeci is famous for its Koran fish found only in one other lake in the world. The Koran fish has a delicious meat that is red in winter and white in summer. There are some rare species of flora and fauna adding to the uniqueness of this place with the picturesque beauty. It is one of the most visited spots by the tourists all over the world.

Drilon is a tourist resort that is 5 kilometers away from Pogradeci whose beauty leaves the visitors breathless. The decorative trees, fresh water springs, the roadside alley and the restaurants offering the local delicacies make this a perfect destination to hangout among the tourists. The Selca tomb, mosaic and basilica in the Lin village form the cultural attractions of Pogradeci. The Treni cave, Guri i Capit and the Ohrid Lake, are the natural attractions here.

The breathtaking beauty and the excellent climate of Pogradeci leave an indelible impression on the minds of the tourists.

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