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Durres, or Dyrrhachium as it was called in ancient times, is the oldest and the second largest city of Albania. It is one of the biggest attractions of Albanian tourism, attracting thousands of tourists from all over Albania, as well as from abroad. Situated on the central Albanian coast, Durres is also the biggest port of the country and economically most viable. Being an ancient city, Durres offers a lot of ancient sights for the tourists along with the crowd pulling beaches.



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Berat or Berati, also known “Town of Thousand Windows”, is a beautiful and historic city of Albania. Due to its significance in history, UNESCO had declared Berat in the World Heritage list in the year 2008. The 2,400 year old city is one of the oldest cities of Albania, inhabited since the 6th century B.C. Even today, Berat has retained its age old charm with some magnificent sights.

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