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The Charming Vithkuq village

Vithkuq village in Koorca

The village of Vithkuq is a beautiful mountain village near the beautiful city of Korca. The mountainous geography adds to the beauty of the village. Some very exquisite scenery and landscapes are found here making it a tourist paradise. Vithkuq is the birthplace of the Albanian Renaissance pioneer Naum Veqilharxhi. It’s a cultural and economic hub since the medieval time.


Vermosh – the artistry of the divine hands

Vermosh Snow

Albanian highlands, popularly known as the Albanian Alps are the place where some of the beautiful traditional villages are snuggled where untouched and unmatched scenery of the nature is on display. And one such village is Vermosh in the city of Shkodra. Stunning landscapes and grand vistas of the dramatic Alps make this village a true paradise on the earth. Hiking the amazing mountains or skiing the snowy peaks, there is a lot more for the adventure loving people here.


Boga and adjoining Villages


The beautiful village of Boga nestled in the Albanian Alps is a village serving as a perfect destination for adventure loving people. The beautiful scenery and the snowy mountains make this place a paradise on the earth. This place is a skiing delight for the ski lovers and a place for many adventure filled activities.

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