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The beautiful village of Boga nestled in the Albanian Alps is a village serving as a perfect destination for adventure loving people. The beautiful scenery and the snowy mountains make this place a paradise on the earth. This place is a skiing delight for the ski lovers and a place for many adventure filled activities.

You can reach Boga via Dedaj from the village of Ramza. The famous Boga village also finds its mention in the book by Edith Durham, The Burden of the Balkans. Due its location in the Alps region, the climate here is very cold. When in Boga you can enjoy most of your time skiing due to extensive snow covered mountains.

There are many caves in Boga which are worth visiting. Among the very popular caves are the cave of Mulliri, Njerezve te lagun and Akullore. The other famous cave is the cave of Puci. It is 5 kilometers from Boga and is rich in stalagmites and stalactites and also the wall veils. There are many levels in the cave of Puci, five in the centre alone. While passing through the galleries of the cave, there is anothere cave, the Cave of Husi one gets connected with.

Thethi is a village near to Boga. You can go on an excursion from Boga to Thethi. It is around 70 kilometers from Boga. One reaches Thethi from Boga via Qafa e Tërthores and Gropa e Thethit. There is also a stream on the way that bears the same name and offers an exquisite view of the landscape. There are some very attractive sites on the way like the Cascade of Grunas. A famous cold water source, Okol and the cave of Birrat me rrathe is worth visiting in this village. There are various activities one can enjoy here. Skiing, trekking, spelunking and fishing as well are the things you will love to do.

Visit the exquisite Boga village and the nearby villages in the Albanian Alps and you would truly marvel at these wonders of the nature.

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