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The Charming Vithkuq village

Vithkuq village in Koorca

The village of Vithkuq is a beautiful mountain village near the beautiful city of Korca. The mountainous geography adds to the beauty of the village. Some very exquisite scenery and landscapes are found here making it a tourist paradise. Vithkuq is the birthplace of the Albanian Renaissance pioneer Naum Veqilharxhi. It’s a cultural and economic hub since the medieval time.

The village of Vithkuq is located 25 kilometers to the southwest from the city of Korca. There are various attractions one can visit when in the village of Vithkuq. The church of Shen Pjeter and also the Church of Shen Pavel are the famous places to visit. Mountain Rungaja which is about 1750 meters from the sea level is worth climbing. One can go by foot or by the horse as one wishes to. It is said that when in Vithkuq, one must definitely drink the water of Bellovoda Lake.

Tourists can plan for an excursion from this village to Pogradeci and specifically to the Lake Ohrid.  It’s the deepest lake in the Balkans and considered to be 2-4 million years old. This lake is under protection of UNESCO which serves as a home to 17 aquatic animals. The sponge of Ohri is found only in Lake Ohrid and in Lake Baikal. There are many restaurants and clubs near the Lake Ohrid where the tourists can sip and bite some of the delectable dishes.

The trip to the village of Vithkuq is a fun-filled experience. On excursion to the nearby sites you will witness some spectacular scenery. You are bound to acknowledge the bliss; nature has showered on this place. So visit and explore the Vithkuq village and view an unmatched and unparalled beauty here.

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