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Along with beautiful destinations and tourist attractions, Albania also has some interesting facts that should be known.

  • Lonely Planet had chosen Albania as the top country in its list of top ten countries for the year 2011.
  • Mother Teresa or Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, was of Albanian ethnicity but was born in Skopje, capital of Macedonia.
  • Albania is home to almost 30% of Europe’s total flora species, with more than 3000 species of plant found here.
  • 91 of the total endangered animal and bird species, in the world, are found in Albania.
  • One of the best known birds of prey, the Golden Eagle, is the national symbol of Albania.
  • The population of Albania is very young, with the average age being 28.9 years.
  • In a strange way for westerners, Albanians nod their heads from left to right to say “yes” and up and down to indicate “no.”
  • Albanians are known for their hospitality and show highest respect to the guests by seating them at the head of the table.
  • Fossils of the legendary cave bears were found in Pëllumbas caves (15miles from Tirana). The four hundred thousand year old fossils are found only in 5 European caves.
  • Some of Albanian songs are sung sans musical instruments and are protected by UNESCO under “Part of the Oral Traditions of Human Kind.”
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