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Home to beautiful virgin beaches, snow peaked mountains, plethora of biological diversity, rich archaeological heritage, colorful culture and heart-warming generosity; Albania has got it all. The Republic of Albania, as it is officially called, is a small country situated in South-East Europe. Tirana is the capital of Albania and is the most populous and financial centre of the country. The country has also got worldwide recognition, being the birthplace of Mother Teresa and local historical icon, Skanderbeg.

Albania is blessed by nature, with the Dinaric Alps and Pindus Mountain Ranges, Ionian and Adriatic Seas, Lakes Ohrid and Shkodër, diversified forests (with almost 3000 types of flora and many endangered animal species) and a Mediterranean climate. All this, including many ancestral monuments and sites and a warm welcoming culture, has made Albania one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in recent times.

As the climate is relatively mild throughout the year, tourists can enjoy visiting the country all year round; but the country is covered with beautiful blooms in spring and fall making it the best seasons to visit. The tourists can enjoy many outdoor activities like mountain climbing, fishing, kayaking, trekking, etc. There are also many national parks in Albania, offering a rich flora and fauna treasure. Nature enthusiasts can find birds like Golden eagle, Dalmatian Pelican, animals like lynx, gray bear and endangered species like European sea sturgeon, Pygmy cormorant, and a variety of other species in these national parks.

Witnessing two major ancient civilizations – Roman and Greek, Albania has many archaeological sites and monuments, some as old as 7th century, a treat for history lovers. For the urban buffs, Albania offers a vibrant nightlife with many nightclubs, pubs and discos along with theatres, musicals and movie shows. The country is also famous for its great cuisine and as the Albanian people are known to be foodies, there are number of good cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the country.
Albania caters to all kind of tourists, whether it is backpackers, historical lovers or the urban travelers and is rightly called as the ‘New Mediterranean Love’.

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