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Albania is a land with great surprises. It’s still in its state of infancy in some respects. And mountaineering is one such aspect. There are various mountaineering sites still untouched and unexplored. So it’s a great opportunity for the adventure loving tourists to delve into many regions which Albania offers and enjoy the activity of mountaineering. The mighty Alps in Albania give them the chance to enjoy their passion of mountain climbing and trekking.

The mountains in Albania have a steeply ridged geography along with precipitous gullies that bid good prospects for mountain climbing. Some of the mountain cuts are so smooth and steep that they prove to be a great challenge for the mountaineers. Mountain climbing in Albania is advantageous mainly due to its rugged and secluded nature of the environment. This attributes to the fact that the terrain is mostly exposed with rocks and pebbles perching precariously in the most beautiful and spectacular places.

Most of the mountain climbing in Albania is done on the ridgeline and the steep surfaces of lime stones that have frequent vertical drops. The climbers require doing a lot of muscular lie backing and crack climbing. The significant destinations to try out your niche of mountain climbing and trekking are: Maja e Hekurave and Kollata in the area of Vermosh, Razme, Boga and Thethi; the chains of Lura and Korabi in Tropoja and Dibra; pass of Llogaraja in Vlora; Shkodra ;Malesia e Madhe and  Alps of Terbuni in of Puka.

One can explore the beauty of many unsurpassed, consummate mountain ranges in Albania while enjoying mountain climbing.

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