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Imagine the widespread snowy mountains and you skiing over the thick blanket of snow. Isn’t the feeling fantastic? The geography of Albania is mountainous due to the mighty Alps. So there are a lot of activities the adventurous, fun loving people can enjoy. The enthralling beauty and the extensive prevalent snow drive the ski-lovers from all over the globe.

Albania offers numerous opportunities for skiing since many areas in Albania have the snow-covered mountains, especially in the northern region of Albania. One can say that the northern region of Albania is a delight for the skiers. The Albanian or Dinaric Alps in the north share its boundaries with Montenegro and Serbia. Mount Jezerca is the highest mountain range here with the top elevation of 2693 meters. Mount Korabi and the southern region, near Korca also offer excellent trail for skiing.

Skiing is well developed in and around the city of Korca. There are some of the very good ski resorts of Albania, found in the region of Korca. The region near Voskopoja is the best place and some National Championships are held in this region. The other places of interests for the skiers are Boga, Thethi and Razma. The skiing resorts in Albania are conventional and traditional. So skking in Albania gives a feeling that we are practicing the root and basic way of skiing, which is also a great fun. There are various skiing equipments available in the skiing locations. Also, there are numerous ski instructors at your service ready to help you with your wonderful skiing experience in Albania. There are some very good resorts or hotels in the region of Alps and other skiing locations if you intend to stay there.

So get, set and go to enjoy an exciting, adventurous and completely captivating ski experience.

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