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Albania is a developing country and various modes of transportation in the country are developing, making several places easily accessible in Albania. The modes of transportation in Albania are developing and yet are very conventional. One can get a taste of how the transportation was, before the introduction of modern amenities in the world. Various provinces and cities in Albania are well connected due to the extensively developing network of transportation.

People in Albania mostly travel around the country by the mini buses called as Furgons. There are no fixed schedules for these furgons but they depart when there are no vacant seats left in it. The destination names are displayed on the dash board. Furgons provide the tourists with unique and real Albanian travel experience. There are various furgons from Tirana departing to the destinations like Berat, Durres, Shkodra, Elbasan and many other places in Albania. The advantage of travelling in furgon is that it passes from the remote places that are otherwise inaccessible by other modes of transport.

The roads connecting the major cities are being fixed but still in inadequate shape. Highways are still in the emergent state. But again the advantage they offer are some of the most ecstatic and spectacular scenary.The journey by trains is economic but the views and feel that they offer are priceless. On the stations there are vendors selling various eatables like sunflower seeds, fruits and much more that is very unusual on any other station in Europe. There are limited trains available from Tirana to other cities like Shkodra, Ballsch, Vlore and Pogradec.

Airways are the most important mode of travel in Albania. The Mother Teresa International Airport of Tirana is well connected with the airports of the other cities.

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