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Nightlife in Albania

After witnessing the rich cultural and natural heritage of Albania, the visitors need to gear up for a vibrant nightlife in Albania. There are various pubs, cafes, casinos, bars and clubs where one can enjoy. These unlimited options are truly exciting for those who want to delve into and make the most out of it. The chic cafes are the perfect place to hang out with your friends. The music, drinks and the crowd make these places very lively and full of life.

Tirana has numerous places that offer some lip smacking delicacies that one will relish for a long time. The Enver Hoxha’s house is one such spot where a gourmet can savor food in a setting resembling a Country living. The ambiance and music just add to the charm of this place. This is a perfect place to have a romantic dinner. This is a superb swish bar and lounge.

One of the other popular places is the Skytower in Albania. The clubs in Tirana are expensive than any other place but they are worth it. Skytower is tallest infrastructure in the city of Tirana and the bar being at the top floor. This most happening place is an ideal hangout destination. One can even find the rocking music that sets ones feet on the dance floor and also quite restaurants to have romantic dinner.

A nightclub on the beach of Ksamil is the best to chill out on the rhythm or enjoy a drink sitting around the edge. The place offers great music, food and drinks, all in all, a just the right place to enjoy. The Mango Beach bar is another exciting and fun-filled place.

So, once you decide to have a blast and want to chill out, try any of these exhilarating and pulsating places.

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