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Albania is a culinary delight for the connoisseur and gourmets. There is something waiting for you on every corner of every city, town or village. The restaurants and bars in Albania are worth visiting. After witnessing the beauty of the place, one can relax sitting at the corner of any restaurant and taste variety of dishes. There are numerous good, stylish restaurants and bars all over the country at your service offering some of the best culinary delights.

The mouthwatering cuisine of Albania has an influence of Turkey, Greece and Italy.  To start with, the restaurants here serve continental breakfast as well as the traditional Albanian one. So the more adventurous ones can start their day with the Pilaf or Paca which is a soup made from animal innards, for their breakfast. The traditional Albanian lunch consists of Gjelle, which is the prime cuisine here. It is a meat cooked in low flame served with fresh vegetables and salad. The coastal regions of Albania have some unique recipes. Shish Kebab, Kofte and Byrek are the must-have dishes on the menu card.

It goes unsaid that good wine goes together with the good food. Pinot Noir, Cabernot, Riesling, Kallmet and Merlot are the few popular wines taken along with the meal. After the spicy food one can assuage their tooth with the dessert Oshaf that is a pudding made using figs and sheep’s milk. There are a range of restaurants and few among the best ones include Restaurant Mjelma and Driloni in Drilon, both being famous for coastal food and their beautiful location in the central region of park. Hotel Sirena and Millennium in Tusemisht along the lakeside offer variety of scrumptious dishes and beautiful lake view. Enver Hoxha’s villa in the capital city of Tirana is a famous restaurant with good ambiance.

The visitors will find the Albanian restaurants very appealing and taste some of the most luscious food here.

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