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No trip or vacation is considered to be complete without shopping. Besides site seeing and things to do in Albania, shopping also should be on the agenda as the country is well known for its traditional and authentic handicrafts, souvenirs, costumes and relics that is bound to catch ones attention and compel them to buy. From shopping malls to the traditional bazaars, Albania has everything where people can buy things according to their niche.

The traditional bazaar of Kruja and Tirana and almost similar bazaars in the other parts of the country are famous for their handicraft souvenirs and items where the tourists have an unlimited choice to buy. There are group of souvenir shops in the city of Tirana on Luigj Gurakuqi Street and Barrikadave that are very popular amongst the locals and tourists. Assortment of needle works, silver and copperwares, carpets, ceramics, woodcarvings and figurines are the things you can purchase from here.


The very classic and typical articles one ought to find here are the musical instruments like the shark and cifteli and embroidered costumes and tablecloths with motifs, made in the Zadrima village and other parts of the country. The shops in Albania remain open all day long until late evening except for the break between 1500 to 1700 hours. For tourists’ convenience many shops remain open on Sunday as well.Albania is also famous for some of its alcoholic beverages like ‘Raki Skrapari’. Varieties of wines are produced in Albania. Albanian cognac is famous by the name Scanderbeg which is special and distinct due to its characteristic aroma. There are wineries like Luani, Cobo, Aquila Liquori and Gjergi Kastrioti in Durres, Tirana and Berat producing high quality wines which one can definitely buy.

Albania souvenirs and other items are such that they would attract the visitors and compel them to take them on their way back to home.

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