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Albania is a country famous for its traditions and hospitality towards the guests. The people are very helpful when they find tourists vacationing in Albania. They show high respect towards the tourists but at the same time the tourists should know few customs and information about Albania while travelling there so that they do not face any kind of trouble and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

When planning a trip to Albania, you should have a fair idea about the best time for travelling in Albania. Since Albania enjoys Mediterranean climate so winter is considered very pleasant for a trip to Albania. The next thing that immediately strikes to the mind is about the accommodation facilities about which you really should not worry since there are varieties of hotels from luxury to the economic, self-catering range which you can choose from.

No vacation is complete without shopping and Albania is famous for its souvenirs and handicrafts. So when in Albania, do go for shopping but make sure that you bargain or else you may be duped by someone. There is one thing you should know is that you can easily avail the services of Albanian airways, roadways and other modes of transport. In case of emergency, the hospital, police and communication facilities are very well developed.

The people in Albania are well versed with English other than Albanese. Albanians are very traditional people. While visiting any of the local’s home do not forget to remove your shoes outside.  There is a small bit of advice for you. In Albania a nod means yes, so you should not get confused when an Albanian nods. On a whole, Albania is a safe place to travel but it is advisable for you to take care of yourself while traveling to the northern part of the country, especially Kosova. , for which you can hire a guide.

You are definitely going to enjoy your trip to this beautiful and culturally rich country of Albania.

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