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Weather and Climate in Albania

Albania, experiences Mediterranean climate and has various patterns in its climate owing to the varied geography of the country. Although small in size, the country has large number of climatic zones. The coastline of the country encounters Mediterranean climate while the highlands tend to have Mediterranean continental climate. The weather varies distinctly from north to south.

Albanian lowlands experience a mild winter as well as a harsh summer with the temperature averaging to 24° C and relatively high humidity. There are again differences in the southern and the northern lowlands in Albania. The average rainfall in the lowland lies in the range of 1000 millimeters to 1500 millimeters, again the northern lowland receiving higher rainfall than the southern.

The altitude, rather than the latitude, plays a major role in defining temperature in the inland. The inland experiences a fairly low winter and high precipitation on account of continental air mass along with the airflow. The average summer temperature is lower in comparison to the coastal area. The day temperatures are high but the night are pretty chilly. The climate in the coastal area remains pleasant owing to the cool sea breezes. An additional factor that affects the climate in Albania is the warm, high humidity winds, known as sirocco that influence the autumn season and are also responsible for cooler temperatures.

On the whole, summer and autumn are the best times to enjoy the splendid Albania.

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